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On your behalf, our clinic will bill your insurance company for the services we provide. We will verify your coverage either before or during your visit. Once we've heard back from your insurance provider, we will send you a statement that details the remaining balance. In addition, you'll receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company that lists the services provided by our clinic, the amount billed, any insurance payments made, and your responsibility.

Statements from our office will be addressed from Bellfast, ME. 

Billing and Payment

Understand the benefits and requirements of your insurance plan

The majority of insurance plans require that you make a co-payment at the time of service. Typically, besides your co-payment you are responsible for any unpaid amount not satisfied by your insurance plan. If you have questions about your insurance plan, please contact your insurance provider. The number will be on the back of your card.

Online Bill Payment 

The online Patient Portal allows you to communicate with our office in a secure and confidential manner.  By taking just a few moments to register and log onto the Portal, you will be able to:

View your billing statement and balance
Make secure credit card payments
Send messages about billing inquires

Click Here to Log On to your Patient Portal 

For billing questions, please contact our office.